handbook, pencil or just a lap?

i would love to have handy book and a pencil when i travel anywhere.

a lap? it may have many interesting things to read, but for what when i go travel? to connect family home? i think anywhere we go, there is a post office to keep in touch?

better a handbook and a pencil. yes, i do it.


dear Mr Yanni, i walk in dream really?

yes, i walked

i walked in a dream that i will become a writer,

i walked in a dream that i will marry to the man i love most,

i walked in a dream i earned a lot of money,

i walked in a dream that i reach God, became a nun.

i walked in a dream i was hit by lightning without hurt or burn..

i walked in a dream that i was a child forever…

and so so on, i didnt stop the dream, they repeated in my night so often…

Mr Yanni, is it dream not alive?



is there one traditional food in Vietnam that called : pinnate leaf cake

I think it is not hard to call easy for everyone, its name is ” bánh gai “, and i will translate its name by telling how to cook it, ( of course, i cant make it , i just buy to eat, because i like to eat it today )

howtomakeit by translator: glutinous rice cake dyed black in a concoction of leaves, sweet round cakes baked with flour and sprinkled with sesame.

here, it is :



i bought 20 pcs , three of them for parents and grandma, the rest are for me and coworkers : hope they enjoy with me now 🙂

i say if ?

I ever posted this on my opera blog site, but now, i cant find it anymore

” if the world is flat, i move to you “

because, opera blog has stop the early of Mar 2014.

and i am here to continue my own site, if i still walk in dream 😛


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